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hi i can’t find a photo from 1985/1986 where the cure are behind the door. if you have this pic pls submit!

27th of July 1985


Antic Panathinakos Stadium of Athens, festival where The Cure are together with Nina Hagen, Talk Talk and Telephone. Robert says “I’m lucky because I’m quite myope, so I don’t care if there are thousand or ten thousand people in the public. I can’t see anything beyond the first row.

Even Boy George takes part to the soiree and after the concert he’s completely fucked up. The members of staff of the hotel where The Cure house are convinced that Simon is the real Boy, and they insist to offer him free champagne. Simon rewards them singing the chorus of Do You Really Want to Hurt Me.

[taken from the book “The Cure, La Storia Illustrata, 1972-1996”]


The CureThe Caterpillar b/w Happy the Man [Picture Disc]1984 Fiction Records
  • Robert: One problem was that at the time we shared one room and every day took drugs. After two years that was...
  • Simon: Fantastic!
  • Robert: Haha, yeah, really. Somehow it worked because we made three great albums. And had fun - but even that, has its price.
  • Three years later Simon came back.
  • Simon: Someone had to make a start and say, "Hey, Come on now."
  • Robert: That was me! Haha!
  • Simon: Never! Really, it was me.
  • Robert: I came in your pub! Miles away. On foot.

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A wonderfully happy 26th anniversary to the most perfect couple ever, aka the only reason why I haven’t given up on true love yet.
- Robert James Smith and Mary Poole, 13th August 1988 -

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BoysDon’tCry (ButTheyDoWearMakeup) - Robert Smithby c0smic-creepers
The Cure Guitarby Xvicious-white-kidX
Fly Me To The Moonby 8-Bit-Spider
Robert Smith playing violin, 1984.